Our Story

Our Story

The Sweet Journey

The Elite Sweets journey originates back to Sicily, Italy where the inspiration for authentic handcrafted quality desserts all began. Our president and founder Alfonzo Criminisi created this family-owned company on the fundamental principle of creating a wide range of delicious desserts made from quality ingredients that your family and friends can enjoy.

Established in 1990, Elite Sweets began as a specialty importer of traditional pastries. Elite Sweets has since grown exponentially into one of the largest manufacturers and distributors handcrafted specialty desserts across North America.

Tradition is at the heart of our 34 years of experience handcrafting specialty desserts. We take pride in the timeless art of baking and  infuse every creation with the nostalgia and authenticity for which our brand is known.

Celebrate Sweet Moments

Our extensive range of products reflect our commitment to preserving generations of classic flavours. With each and every bite, we evoke fond memories of family gatherings, celebrations, and moments of joy. As we continue to grow, we honour tradition and carry the legacy of exceptional baking forward with new innovations.